The official stopp poem

Stronger together over-powering pain
Fighting for recognition for all who feel the same
No longer invisible, no longer hiding away
We are purple warriors hear what we say

Education and acceptance time to face the truth
Awareness and understanding accepting the proof
We are gathering momentum as our numbers still grow
Petitions, messages and poems all now on show

Support from the fighters, family and friends
All those who are fighting a pain that never ends
Ignorance and doubt is not an excuse
Calling us liars is a form of abuse

It s not in our head, we don’t want to be sick
If we had a choice, then it’s wellness we’d pick
Over achievers always giving our all
Lives now ruled by pain is all we can recall

Come together all pages raise your voice now as one
Forget all your ego’s the march has begun
We can achieve what all are today fighting for
We can gain recognition and oh so much more

You are no longer fighting alone don’t you see
Work with us now, show everyone our unity
A common goal starting within our ranks
Raising awareness not asking for thanks

Doing what’s right aiming for the top
Join the fight join up with S.T.O.P.P
Stronger together overpowering pain
Now is the time we are heard once again

©Terry Haslett